Stufinder app for booking music, rehearsal, and podcast studios comes to Canada!

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Good news for musicians, podcasters, and creatives in Canada – Stufinder (studio finder) has launched its app for booking music, rehearsal, and podcast studios in all of North America. The app offers a convenient and affordable way for artists to find and book professional-grade spaces to create and record their projects. With Stufinder, artists can easily search for available studios in their area or continent, compare prices, and book their preferred space with just a few taps on their mobile device.

Stufinder App Canada
Stufinder App Canada

The platform offers a variety of studios, including those equipped with instruments and recording equipment, and offers hourly and daily rates, making it a flexible option for artists of all levels. With its launch in Canada, Stufinder is set to make it easier than ever for musicians, podcasters, and other creatives to find the perfect space to bring their projects to life.

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